Data Wrangling in Python, Part II

We’re continuing our data explorations of the 2016 US primary elections data, but we’ll begin with a review of the important stuff from last week. Today is when the cool stuff begins because we’ll be playing with merging data from different sources and plotting the data to see interesting trends.

If you haven’t already, please download Anaconda for Python 3.5+. Then download today’s materials and put it wherever you’ve been putting stuff so far. Then unzip.

To install today’s plotting libraries:

For Mac users, you type it into Terminal, then start Anaconda by clicking the green snake ring icon and launching Jupyter. For Windows users, you type the following into Anaconda Prompt and afterwards, in the Prompt, type `jupyter notebook`. Click through the folders you see until you get to where you put today’s materials.

For more examples of Altair in action, check out the documentation.

conda install altair --channel conda-forge

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