Welcome to our Swan Song for the summer! Today we’re going to be learning the basics of machine learning in Python with our handy-dandy Jupyter notebooks and the 2016 elections and demographics data. Here’s today’s package. Since we’re only doing linear regression plots today, please install seaborn: conda install seaborn


Image analysis with ImageJ and Fiji, Part I kicks off

We’re speeding into our third module of the summer today with something completely different: image analysis! If you have hundreds of images that have to select ROIs for and dread doing it by hand, today we’ll teach you the basics of automation, including how to chug through everything in a folder and process them uniformly … More Image analysis with ImageJ and Fiji, Part I kicks off

Intro to R

R is programming language and software environment typically used for statistics and data mining.  Unlike some other software used for similar purposes, like Matlab, R is open source, meaning free!  For the next 3 weeks, Bhish will walk you through the ins and outs of programming in R, starting today with an introduction, which can … More Intro to R